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Five minutes tell you how to win the slot machine jackpot!!!

According to the survey, 80% of the people in the world know about slot machines and 50% often play them.

But 100% don't know how to win slot machine, 100% don't know how to win jackpot!!!

Basic introduction of slot machine cracker. Remote control, upper divider and positioner can directly interfere with the motherboard of the slot machine to divide. Its principle is that the cracker launches high frequency to interfere with the coin coil of the slot machine, so that the slot machine mistakenly thinks that there is a coin passing through and produces the dividing effect. It is composed of triode, resistor and enameled wire of capacitor coil. It can emit a specific magnetic field interference, which can also be divided into high frequency and low frequency.

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There are many diodes and welding joints on the motherboard of the slot machine. Because the distance between the two upper solder joints on the motherboard is very short, the cracker mainly emits electromagnetic field of a specific frequency, near the motherboard of the machine, so that the upper solder joints can be short-circuited, and the coin can be automatically divided or refunded. The internal structure of the upper splitter is generally composed of triodes, small circuit boards, resistors, enamelled capacitor coils, etc. It can emit a specific magnetic field to interfere with the machine, and it can also interfere with the brightening of ordinary energy-saving lamps without connecting wires.

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Concept introduction: slot jammer, compact size

The same charging function as mobile phones

Compared with the same industry, the difference is very obvious.

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